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INP Switzerland currently employs 76 people in Turgi. The commitment of each individual employee has helped to ensure constant growth. We rely on professional expertise, a reliable information culture and high quality standards.
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The millennium bug in 1999 enabled the founding of the Swiss sales office of Nicklas & Partner GmbH. 20 German employees were deployed to the Y2K project in Baden. A promising start in Switzerland. Two years later, np engineering AG, the first subsidiary of Nicklas & Partner GmbH, was founded.
Herbert Ackermann took over management in 2003. The economic crisis was successfully overcome and, with sales of 5 million Swiss francs in 2005, the company reached the break-even point for the first time.
In 2007, the company changed its name to INP Schweiz AG. Carmen Suter, Personnel Development, recalls: "This occasion was celebrated with a big party - to this day, we still successfully manage the INP corporate brand on the market and thereby maintain relationships with our partners."
Carmen Suter
Despite the financial crisis, INP Schweiz achieved the best result since its founding in 2009. Thomas Jäger, Finance & Member of the Board, looks back: "The record year was achieved with the introduction of a new ERP system, restructuring and excellent teamwork."
Thomas Jäger
The successful corporate development and increasing number of employees led to our relocation to the present site in 2013. Sandra Humbel, Project Coordination & Administration, recalls: "Moving to the new location and the common office space simplified internal communication and strengthened the corporate culture."
Sandra Humbel
In 2015, INP Schweiz was first certified for ISO 9001 (quality management), 14001 (environment) and 18001 (occupational safety). André Pitsch, Operations Administration, reflects: "Under the 'Transparency' mission, this milestone was successfully implemented and confirmed the company's continuous improvement process."
André Pitsch
"The secret of success is to understand other people’s point of view." Henry Ford
"We always strive to develop solutions to optimally master our customers’ future challenges. As a service provider, we invest in stable, long-term partnerships for the benefit of our customers." Herbert Ackermann, CEO at INP Schweiz AG
Herbert Ackermann


Every year, we are guided by a mission that defines our corporate and employee goals. Together, we work to bring the mission to life and to achieve the goals associated with it individually and in teamwork.

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    We stand for excellence in diversity and internationalism

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The parent company, INP Germany, was founded in Speyer in 1989, and has been based in Römerberg since 1997. With subsidiaries in Switzerland, Austria, France, USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Egypt and South Africa, more than 500 employees are employed worldwide.

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