Environmental Protection Measures 2020

Environmental protection has an important status at INP Schweiz. We have therefore made some changes in the office to reduce our plastic waste, paper usage and energy consumption.

As a first step everyone in the team got a reusable glass water bottle, which can be quickly refilled at the water machine in the kitchen. Before that, we would empty dozens of plastic water bottles each week, producing a vast amount of plastic waste.

Another change which needed to be taken, was to reduce the waste generated at the weekly lunch and coordination meeting: Instead of filling up the entire bin with individual takeaway containers, the food gets now delivered in a big pan and is served on proper plates. As an additional benefit the corporate spirit is enhanced and money is saved.

Also implemented was the composting of used coffee powder, which makes our coffee consumption much more ecological.

In addition, we have begun to digitalise many of the company's basic processes that were previously carried out on paper, making them more efficient and paperless.

To reduce energy consumption, we added intermediate connectors to all power outlets in the office. This means that no standby power is consumed when devices are not in use.

We are aware that these changes are not sufficient. We must constantly question our habits and find further solutions to make our workplace and our lifestyle more sustainable. Nevertheless, we believe that small changes count - because even the strongest walls are built brick by brick.