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INP Schweiz improves its ecological footprint

Our environmental protection activities are guided by the annual corporate mission - with the mission 2022 "Continuity", we are continuing to focus on new initiatives enabling us to become even more sustainable.

Motorised transport is one of the largest sources of CO2 emissions. Since the future is marked by alternative forms of motorisation, we decided to purchase an electric car as a new pool vehicle - selecting a Tesla Model Y. Of course, we can't save the world with an electric car, but our decision is a step in the right direction. We also motivate our employees to reduce their CO2 emissions through exercise and team spirit by participating in the annual Bike to Work and Pedometer Challenge.


With a guided tour in the Umweltarena in Spreitenbach regarding “Everyday Sustainability", INP employees learned how simple tips and tricks can improve their ecological footprint in daily life. Later this year, in order to further raise awareness of our personal impact on the climate, we will introduce an app that will allow employees to track their behaviour in terms of sustainability and improve it thanks to new approaches. In addition, we are proud to have compensated 125.0 t of CO2 this year with a donation to myclimate as part of our customer satisfaction surveys.


We are also ensuring greater sustainability in the office with the following measures:


-    Digitalisation of our processes and thus conversion to a paperless environment
-    Reduction of plastic bottles through personal glass water bottles and water vending machines
-    Composting of green waste and used coffee powder
-    Waste separation
-    Elimination of disposable tableware


With its environmental management, INP Schweiz supports long-term, sustainable development and motivates employees with various actions to fulfil their personal contribution to the protection of the environment 🌱