At INP Sch­weiz, qual­ity means
that re­quire­ments are suc­cess­fully

Our em­ploy­ees are in­volved in the qual­ity pro­cess with­in their re­spect­ive di­vi­sions and act­ively con­trib­ute to the con­tinu­ous im­prove­ment of all work pro­cesses. We achieve our goals through team­work and the con­tinu­ous train­ing and qual­i­fic­a­tion of our em­ploy­ees. We al­ways act in com­pli­ance with legal pro­vi­sions and the ISO 9001 guidelines.

Our ob­ject­ive is to train at least 90% of our in­tern­al em­ploy­ee pool in their re­spect­ive pro­cesses and in high­er-level qual­ity top­ics. We will achieve this by train­ing half of all em­ploy­ees, in our basic sem­inars in the com­ing year. In ad­di­tion, we are in­tro­du­cing a doc­u­ment man­age­ment sys­tem and ex­pect the in­tro­duc­tion of at least 5 auto­mated work­flows to no­tice­ably re­duce the work­load of our em­ploy­ees and thus in­crease pro­ductiv­ity.

Our Environmental Promise 🌳

At INP Schweiz, we are dedicated to fostering a sustainable future. This year, in collaboration with a professional gardening service and our neighbours at Hitachi Energy, we revitalised our garden to serve as a protected area for local flora and fauna and a quiet place for our staff. This green space promotes ecosystem health, supports wildlife and provides a quiet environment for relaxation and conversation. With this, we aim to raise awareness among our employees about the importance of environmental protection and the sustainable culture in our organisation.

Additionally, we are committed to embedding sustainable practices into our office environment. Over recent years, we have initiated various resource conservation efforts, such as digitisation to reduce paper use, composting and using reusable drinking bottles and food containers to cut single-use plastic waste. We strictly adhere to all environmental laws and regulations, including ISO 14001.

Our Occupational Safety Promise 🛠️

The safety of our employees, whether they are on the construction site or in the office, are of utmost importance to INP Schweiz. We prioritise their safety by implementing effective workplace safety and ergonomics measures, which not only reduce accidents, injuries, and illnesses but also minimise downtime. Our commitment to safety extends to providing our employees with regular training on occupational safety matters and actively involving them in the ongoing enhancement of our occupational safety and health management system. We rigorously adhere to all legal requirements pertaining to workplace safety and fully align with the standards outlined in ISO 45001.

In addition to our safety efforts, we actively promote the health of our employees by annually participating in nationwide initiatives such as the "Bike to Work" campaign and the "Pedometer Challenge" as part of INP Schweiz's commitment to employee well-being.