• Quality, Environment and Safety

Quality Policy

At INP Switzerland, quality means that the needs of our customers and our partners are met 100% of the time.

Our employees are involved in the quality process within their respective divisions and actively contribute to the continuous improvement of all processes. We achieve our goals through teamwork and the continuous training and qualification of our employees. We always think and act in compliance with legal provisions and the ISO 9001 directives.

We have set ourselves the goal of training at least 90% of the internal workforce in its processes and in higher-level Q topics. This year, we aim to train more than half of our employees in our basic seminars, including free-lancers. We are introducing a document management system and expect a noticeable reduction of em-ployees' workloads through the introduction of at least 5 automated work processes (workflows), thereby increasing productivity.

Quality Certificate

Occupational Safety

The safety of man, plant and operation is top priority at INP Switzerland. Through efficient work safety and ergonomic measures, we reduce accidents, injuries and illnesses, thereby avoiding downtimes. Employees are regularly trained in health and safety issues and actively involved in the continuous improvement of the occupational safety and health management system. Statutory requirements with regard to occupational safety and the requirements of ISO 45001 are met without exception.

At least 50% of our construction site employees are expected to complete an online first aid course in 2018.

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Environmental Policy

We achieve continuous improvement of all environmental services through systematic environmental monitoring and targeted prevention of environmental pollution. We use natural resources and energy carefully and efficiently. All employees bear an obligation to and responsibility for environmentally sound behavior. We comply with environmental laws and regulations as well as the ISO 14001 obligations.

By applying electricity-saving measures, we aim to reduce our power consumption by 5%. We are promoting the health of our employees by implementing campaigns such as "Bike to Work" and "Step Counter Challenge". Participants should cycle at least 65% of their commute. In the Step Counter Challenge, participants should walk at least 200 km.