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Whether you’re a beginner, a project manager, a power engineering expert or a freelancer, there are numerous vacancies waiting for you. Send us your application directly or apply online for an open position.

Unsolicited applications should be directed to jobs@inp-e.ch or use our Quick CV Box.

Once we have received your application, you will receive a short confirmation email from our recruitment team. We will gladly inform you within two to three weeks whether your profile applies to one of our vacancies. If so, you will be invited to Turgi for a job interview.

In the interview, we will want to find out if you meet the professional and personal job requirements. We will introduce you to the area of ​​responsibility, the work environment and INP Switzerland. INP’s values ​​of fairness, integrity, reliability, competence and transparency define our corporate culture. It is therefore important for us to find out in the job interview if your vision and values ​​match our corporate culture.

We work nationally and internationally as an engineering service provider for leading companies in the power generation and transmission industry. So you will mostly be working for our worldwide customers, but also for our customers in Switzerland.

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