• Continued Education

Tailored trainings

In 2010, we developed an internal training and seminar program for the individual support of our employees.

We interviewed employees about their expectations and analyzed the challenges of international missions on the basis of a customer survey. This resulted in a series of seminar modules that are tailored to the needs of INP Switzerland and that can be flexibly documented.

We brought in external assistance for the design, implementation and support. Year after year, new modules are added to our INP training program.

In addition to mandatory seminars attended by all INP employees, we define individual modules and subject-specific training in the annual performance reviews.

Subject-Specific Training of Personnel

Manufacturer-independent, certified training programs in the field of medium and high-voltage

  • Protective devices (protection relays of various manufacturers)
  • Air and/or gas-insulated switchboards
  • Drawing tools, such as CAD, Eplan
  • Power system analysis programs, such as PowerFactory from DIgSILENT

Manufacturer-independent, certified training programs in the field of energy conversion

  • Worldwide commissioning of exciter equipment, converters and high-current rectifiers
  • Engineering of modern large converters in the MV range with E3 and ECS-CAD
  • Factory tests and customer acceptance tests (FAT - Factory Acceptance Test) of static exciter equipment and large converters
    Technical and commercial management of projects in the field of large converters or drive trains (transformers, converters, motors)
  • Hardware-in-the-Loop (HiL) testing of converter components in modern DSpace and SIMULINK environments

English Classes

INP's international focus has led us to test the English skills of our staff and to support their improvement. Specifically, we set ourselves the goal that all employees should reach a B2 level in English. We are guided by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages or, in short: CEFR. The categorization ranges from A1 to C2. These categories make language skills transparent and comparable for each learner.

To determine the English proficiency level at the beginning of employment, all new employees complete an English placement test. These results are used to discuss the individual needs and support. Every employee has the opportunity to improve their language skills via an online Skype course.

The current test results show that 98% of all INP employees have reached level B1 or better. The company goal of Level B2 was met or exceeded by 75% employees. Of these employees, 50% are business fluent, communicate with technical vocabulary and show very good intercultural understanding.