Commissioning Training

These training courses are aimed at commissioning engineers and technicians.

In addition to theoretical class room training, the commissioning training focuses on practical exercises on the equipment. The same test methods and measuring devices are used as for real commissioning on site.

SIPROTEC 5 / DIGSI 5 parameterization, testing, and commissioning


  • Independent commissioning of SIPROTEC 5 protective equipment
  • Performing routine checks, troubleshooting and error correction
  • Mastering the software tool DIGSI 5

Key aspect: Electrical protection in power plants – Generator protection / transformer protection / block protection

Target group
Commissioning engineers (electrical) / protection engineers

Participants will learn the following
Parameterization, testing, and commissioning of protective devices of the Siemens SIPROTEC 5 range using the DIGSI 5 software.


  • Getting familiar with the hardware components of the SIPROTEC 5 devices by working with generator protection device 7UM85
  • Installation of DIGSI 5 software
  • Getting familiar with the software components of DIGSI 5
  • Creating a project file/set file for generator protection device 7UM85
  • Initialization/communication/online work with generator protection device 7UM85
  • Reading of event logs, diagnostic files, fault records
  • Testing of measurements and protection functions via internal test functions
  • Testing of measurements and protection functions via secondary injection

Training enquiry

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