• Why INP

Benefit from the INP Minimax Principle

Reduce your personnel expenses while simultaneously increasing availability.

How? With an experienced INP Switzerland engineer or electrical engineer, you are buying expertise without having to pay for social security and ancillary costs. We also invest in the continuous training of INP employees. Our customer goal: At least 20% savings potential with maximum flexibility.
Minimax Principle

Increase the Speed of Integration

Our engineers and electrical engineers adapt quickly and flexibly to new projects and challenges. How? With our quick-start map, our employees receive an overview of the communication processes as well as the first necessary steps for onboarding. Our customer goal: Efficient job transfer and team integration.

Relieve your Travel Management

From travel preparations, such as visa processing, to safety checks and travel organization, we are here to relieve you and your team. How? The INP back-office team provides specialist professional and administrative support, as required. Our customer goal: All-around service to relieve our customers.