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Step Counter Challenge 2018

This year's invitation for the Step Counter Challenge was addressed to all employees of INP Switzerland for the first time. The goal of the initiative was to draw awareness to the fact that exercise in everyday life is essential and that health can be noticeably improved with very little effort.

Among other things, this challenge helps

•    increase calorie consumption
•    reduce stress more efficiently
•    strengthen the immune system
•    prevent high blood pressure
•    improve general wellbeing

The initiative promotes community based exercise and especially hopes to motivate employees who normally do not consciously move around in everyday life.

The objective was to walk 10,000 steps per day, which is the minimum recommended by the World Health Organization. We are pleased to report that our most successful walkers exceeded that target by far by completing up to 41,000 steps a day. Nonetheless, the key to a balanced well-being lies in continuity.

In this year's challenge we reached the following values

Steps: 4,985,556
Kilometers: 3,539.40

In this spirit, INP hopes you continue to enjoy exercising.